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Waco, Texas, United States

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  • A man keeps calling here and asked for the lady of the house and he won't leave a message or tell what he's selling, etc. After several calls and my wife isn't home he seems to get upset and asked when do you expect here and when he calls back and she's not home, he says you said she'd be there and I have it on a recorded line. He's wasting his time if he's trying to sell the "Lady of the House" something or con her for a donation that's a fraud, she won't purchase or donate to any strangers over the telephone no credit card numbers given over the telephone, no matter how good of a salesman or con he is.

    Anonymous via 76.7.*.* @ May 11, 2018 at 07:35 am

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    Waco, Texas, United States
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    Waco, Texas, United States
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